Panclus is a python library that is used for several uses like calculation of eclipse, automating your computer, etc.


pip install panclus==1.3.3

from panclus import Panclus as ps

To make it speak several languages

ps.speak_in_language(“This is a simple example”,”en-US”,”test.mp3")

To calculate Solar or lunar eclipse



To translate text


To search wikipedia


To open file from your computer




How to calculate the date of solar eclipse in python?

This time we will not use modules like ephem instead we will use PanclusGz.

If you don’t know about panclus then please visit

Now Panclus is the another good library in python for calculating the dates of solar and lunar eclipse.

Panclus or PanclusGz is the best module or library or say package in python to calculate the date of solar eclipse in a very short lines of code.

Installation of panclus

pip install panclus


import PanclusGz
from PanclusGz import Gz as gz
# For lunar eclipse

Note: Full panclus library was made/developed by Ayush Moghe



Ayush Moghe

Ayush Moghe

I started learning python when I was in seventh class and now I am learning advanced c++, Julia and Javascript.